Our Solutions


At Crossinvest, we have sifted through the various investment styles and economic schools of thought while ensuring we are not enraptured by any. Instead, we identify the pros and cons of each to navigate changing market environments.

We focus on quantitative data to ground market narratives and ensure investment discipline. However, we are also influenced by Friedrich Hayek’s concept of Unorganized Complexity and note that over reliance on mathematical concepts can lead to fragility of portfolios precisely in periods where it is most dangerous to be.

It is not only generals but also financial managers who fight the last war. We constantly question ourselves to ensure our investment approach is still relevant under current market conditions.

A key pivot of our portfolio construction is bridging theoretical concepts with practical market conditions to ensure the conception of ideas is not sterile and the application of them is not still-born.


We believe that we can create value for our clients through investing and helping companies grow to achieve their full potential.

We seek to partner visionaries whose companies are changing the world we live in and how it operates. Not only do we provide our clients access to private investments globally, we also frequently invest alongside our clients as well.


Managing wealth across generations requires awareness of the problems each family faces. To achieve this, we serve as an independent advisor to the family and manage their financial and non-financial assets, as well as assist in setting up structures for families to efficiently hold their assets.