Our Solutions


At Crossinvest, we are influenced by the study of Deterministic Chaos in mathematics and believe it accurately describes financial markets.

While the behavior of individual participants within the system is random, their interaction is governed by basic laws, resulting in Deterministic Chaos.

As such, we believe that outcomes within financial markets are highly unpredictable. However, by understanding initial conditions, the nature of the system and possible catalysts, we can position portfolios to minimize the impact of negative outcomes and capture the upside in a strong risk-adjusted manner.


We believe that we can create value for our clients through investing and helping companies grow to achieve their full potential.

We seek to partner visionaries whose companies are changing the world we live in and how it operates. Not only do we provide our clients access to private investments globally, we also frequently invest alongside our clients as well.


Managing wealth across generations requires awareness of the problems each family faces. To achieve this, we serve as an independent advisor to the family and manage their financial and non-financial assets, as well as assist in setting up structures for families to efficiently hold their assets.